Welcome to NNU Legacy Partners


The NNU Legacy Partners was initially established in the early 1980s to recognize those dear alumni and friends who have made financial commitments to the University through their estate plans. Originally called The Centennial Club, this prestigious giving club changed names in 2010 but its purpose has remained constant–support the mission and ministry of a Christ-centered education at NNU.

Over the years Northwest Nazarene University has been blessed to receive the generous support of many who made their last gift to NNU a memorable gift, and in doing so have created a legacy that will last generation after generation. Currently, there are over 400 individuals who have partnered with NNU by sharing with us their intent to create their own legacy and change the world.

Membership Requirements

Individuals who inform the University of their intention to provide for NNU in their estate plans (will, trust, insurance, retirement account, etc.) will be invited to join the Legacy Partners. Informing NNU of your plans is a good idea because it ensures that your gift will be used exactly as you intend. It also helps us chart the University’s future and it allows us to thank you for your generosity today.


  • An annual event for Legacy Partners with the President
  • Invitations to performances, lectures, musicals and other special events
  • Name(s) printed in NNU’s Annual Report as a member of the Legacy Partners

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